Sandalo is an overpriced condo stuck in the ghetto that is known as the SW corner of Shea and Scottsdale Road.  Surrounded by a slightly run down high school and tons of old, ugly, and cheap condo/apartments, I can’t believe how much they are asking for these units.  One of the great phenomenons of Scottsdale is a Walgreens parking lot.  You can be in the nicest part of the city, but if you go to the nearest Walgreens, you are certain to find all sorts of shady people on the payphone and lounging in the parking lot.  I haven’t figured out what goes on here, but I don’t care for it. 

I’m certain of this: in a year, the Sandalo Condos will be selling for $100k less than they are now.   No one wants to pay 400k for a 2 bedroom adjacent to a drug store.  Something tells me that the people who did buy these places didn’t drive around the neighborhood.

Check out this crime map of the Shea & Scottsdale intersection.  This is from the Scottsdale government’s own website.  You can see that there is more crime at this intersection than in the rest of Scottsdale combined!  Sexual assault, robbery, assault, oh my!  And this is just for the past 60 days.

Sandalo Condos Scottsdale